Human-in-the-Loop ThermostatDavid FannonPPTX
Data-Driven Methods to Evaluate Human-Infrastructure InterdependenciesHiba BaroudPDF
Understanding Energy Hogs: Magnitude and variability in electricity use and implications for low-income and split incentive housingStephen BirdPPTX
Standalone Stretchable Device Platform for Human Health MonitoringLarry ChengPPTX, PDF
Evolving a New Approach to Occupants Evaluation Using WearablesDerek Clements-CroomePPTX
Fusing Virtual Experimental Data on Human Experiences into Building Performance AnalysisYimin ZhuPPTX
Coastal-Cities in a Warming ClimateJorge E. GonzálezPPTX
Measuring Wellbeing of Building OccupantsMing SunPPTX
Are people the problem or the solution? Reflections on the role of people in buildings & citiesRichard BullPPTX
Building Autonomy: Re-envisioning Built EnvironmentsSez AtamturkturPPTX
Distributed Data Visual Analytics FrameworkIsaac ChoPPTX
Wellbeing-Centric Sustainable Built Environment EcosystemsYong TaoPPTX
Bring Biophilic art to intelligent buildingsAnthony AdolePPTX
Occupant Preference-Aware Load Scheduling for Resilient Communities Wangda ZuoPPTX, PDF
SWIFt – Smart Wireless Innovation Facility Accelerating Wireless InnovationStuart FentonPPTX
Education Welfare & EOTAS ServicePPTX
Day 1 Breakout SessionPPTX