RCN-SEES-SHBE: Predictive Modeling Network for Sustainable Human-Building Ecosystems

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To collaborate on the RCN project and have access to Google Drive documents please contact SHBE@nova.edu.

What is NSF RCN-SEES -SHBE (SHBE RCN in short): The objective of the SHBE RCN is to develop a collaborative research platform centered on overcoming bottlenecks in engineering, software and social/economic sciences that impede wider application of sustainable building technology. The network activities will focus on defining ... Read More

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SHBE network researchers are part of research team of a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded $4M DIBBS grant : VIFI:Virtual Information-Fabric Infrastructure (VIFI) for Data-Driven Decisions from Distributed Data, in which the case studies in the area of Sustainable, Resilient Human-Building Ecosystems (SRHBE) are to be developed and tested using the VIFI platform.  Led by Prof. Ashit Talukder of University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the research team members are in the fields of engineering, architecture, computer science, astronomy, earth science and health science, and from Nova Southeastern University, University of North Texas, Louisiana State University, California Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Carnegie-Mellon University, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


Big Data Analytics: Wellbeing-Centric Human-Building Ecosystems Workshop
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Monday July 22 – Tuesday July 23, 2019

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