Beijing Workshop- Smart Cities, Human Behavior, and Sustainable Development

“Better smart-City, Better Life”. Smart cities are increasingly considered as key to improving the quality of life. They also challenge the status quo and require a higher standard for balanced development in many city sectors such as infrastructure, buildings, industries, municipalities, and eco-systems. These inter-connected sectors form a foundation to support normal urban activities and cope with various emergencies. Human and their behavior play a significant role in shaping the foundation, and affecting urban activities and city’s capability of dealing with emergencies. More importantly, through design, construction, and operation of buildings and infrastructure, human and its behavior can impact a wide range of inter-connected sectors for a long period of time. Thus, a better understanding of smart cities, human behavior and sustainable development is crucial for policy making, urban planning and development, industry development, sustainability, emergency management, and the quality of life. Today, latest data analytic, communication and information technologies offer new opportunities to support research and development in this area. The proposed workshop will be conducted in such a broad context, but with a specific focus on building and infrastructure.

The workshop will cover the following topics,

  • Smart and resilient infrastructure and modeling
  • Human behavior and modeling
  • Social/policy impact modeling
  • Urban sustainability and modeling
  • Sustainability education

The organizer of the workshop will invite about fifty attendees, fifteen from the NSF RCN-SEES-SHBE network and the rest from China. The attendees will have a variety of academic backgrounds, including, architecture, engineering, construction, computer sciences, psychology, sociology, and cyberlearning. Government and industry participants will be invited as well.

Call for Abstratcs

Venue and Dates

Research hall of Central University of Finance and Economics

Beijing, China

September 28-30, 2017


YONG X. TAO, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow ASME

Dean, College of Engineering and Computing, Nova Southeastern University

Phone: (954) 262-2063 / Fax: (800) 986-2247 x22063



Professor, Dept. of Construction Management, College of Engineering, Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA, USA. 214-A Old Forestry Building, Baton Rouge, La 70803

Phone: (225) 578-5373 / Fax: (225) 578-5109


Guijun Li, Ph.D.,

Professor, Director of Research Administrative Office, Central University of Finance and Economics,

39 South College Road, Haidian District,Beijing, P.R.China

Phone: (8610) 6228-8340 / Fax: (8610) 6228-9001


Advisory committee


Chinese National Science Foundation and U.S. National Science Foundation

Staff Support: Suraj Talele




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