RCN-SEES-SHBE: Predictive Modeling Network for Sustainable Human-Building Ecosystems

The objective of the proposed RCN is to develop a collaborative research platform centered on overcoming bottlenecks in engineering, software and social/economic sciences that impede wider application of sustainable building technology.  The network activities will focus on defining an innovative, new interdisciplinary area, “Sustainable Human-Building Ecosystem (SHBE),” that integrates human behavioral science, social and economic sciences in tandem with sciences of building design, engineering, and metrology for data validation of building energy consumption and occupant comforts.  The developed collaboration strategies and standardized data platform will lead to significant reductions of the uncertainty in predicting human adaptation to energy efficiency and sustainability of building ecosystems, which will also address fundamental questions such as “what are the benefits of sustainable building investment to people at a personal, business, or urban planning level?”  The activities of the new SHBE-RCN include: Collectively develop a consensus-based mechanism for a cyber-enabled, data-networked research platform that allows sharing the connectivity methods from different models of building ecosystem elements; create the networking mechanism to recruit additional participants or update the working groups; develop the new research directions for identified subareas; evaluate the success of the SHBE network; and develop an innovative learning program for graduate students of diverse backgrounds. 

SHBE Network Concept

(a) Relation to natural ecosystem; the interface acts as I/O between human habitat system and natural ecosystem of the planet Earth, and (b) science of Sustainable Human-Building Ecosystem (SHBE Network Concept)


Big Data Analytics: Wellbeing-Centric Human-Building Ecosystems Workshop
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Monday July 22 – Tuesday July 23, 2019

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